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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mosaic Update, Christmas Wish Angel Tree News

Greetings, This week, at least for right now I am reminded of an old Larry Norman song that stated, ‘Christmastime is coming and the kids are getting greedy; It’s Christmastime. I know it stands for Santa Claus cause I seen it on the TV. It’s Christmastime. It used to be the birthday of the man who saved our necks, now it stands for Santa Claus you spell it with an X. It’s Christmastime.’ While I always enjoyed the song, I also understand Norman’s intent with satire and that the song was not meant to be a theological reflection. That said; it does seem that Christmas is more about commercialism than the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. Let me ask a question, if you could give Jesus a gift, what would you give him? What would he want? Let me challenge, much of what Mosaic is doing are the very things that would please Jesus on his birthday.

Mosaic is at a place where real ministry is taking place and others are noticing it. Last week, we had 35 at our Jesus Discussion on Sunday morning, most all, homeless. We had approximately 75 by the time it was said and done at church. We had women each night as we operated the Wichita Women’s Overflow Shelter. We served approximately 300 meals through the week to the homeless and much more took place at this place, through this little church with little money. People are starting to take notice, there are people who come through our doors every night to see what is going on, the word is getting out on the street, and Mosaic is doing God’s work! Yet if truth be told, we barely meet our basic financial obligations from month to month.

I was talking to a dear sister in Christ tonight from another church who told me of how her heart is in what Mosaic is doing. ‘Now is the right time Pastor Mike, we have to find a way to let others know. There needs to be people from other churches who support what is going on here.’ As we develop a new worship team, including 3 members who are currently homeless, and others take on and consider roles in teaching, we truly are representing the potential for the Kingdom of God, but we need your help to keep this ministry going. Some have been critical of a church like this in the past; we should according to them, ‘be self sufficient’ and on and on. Their emphasis is on finance as opposed to the work of God. Let me be clear, we are a part of the Body of Christ that consists of people from various denominations and faith systems, and we are all, as we support this ministry, a part of God’s work. I am not embarrassed that many call us a ‘Missional Church.’ I just happen to believe that all churches are called to carry out the mission of Christ.

The newsletter this week is a little different. I am asking those receiving it to consider supporting and contributing to help out Mosaic with our financial needs, if possible on a regular basis. There are possibilities to do more, and provide an ongoing service at a prime location in our city, but it won’t happen without help from those in other congregations and in other places. Let me ask again, what could you give Jesus this Christmas Season in recognition of his Birth? I challenge, few places provide the potential to have the impact, and please the savior as much as the work going on at Mosaic. I challenge you, if you don’t believe me, call me at 316-807-8034, let me show you first hand the work we are doing and introduce you to some of the people who have been touched by this ministry. I challenge, it will equal any foreign mission experience you will go through, and you will quickly see, God is at work in downtown Wichita through a little church called, Mosaic!

Now to the basic things regarding our weekly newsletter; a contribution form is included on our web site There is also a donation link at the bottom of the page of this newsletter. You can also contribute to Mosaic by sending your contribution to: P.O. Box 47261, Wichita, KS 67201. But there is more going on. For those receiving this newsletter via email, you will also have the bulletin attached that you can look over prior to this Sunday’s service.

Now there is one other thing I want to make mention of and we need you to help with this. We have put together an Angel Tree to provide Christmas gifts to the homeless who are a part of our women’s shelter as well as the active homeless individuals who are a part of our church. We have numerous names and items on their lists as to some of the wants they have requested for Christmas. While there are plenty of places to eat, plenty of clothes and more essentials and needs available in the community, there are few that are providing wants and blessings, especially on Christmas Day. We told our ladies and church participants to write down a few things they wanted for Christmas and have those items on individual cards. Would you consider adopting an individual and buying them something for Christmas? The items actually vary from towels, to bus passes, and from gifts for a father’s child, to a pair of boots for an elderly lady who recently had a stroke. You can contact us, get the name of an individual, or pick out the individual to buy gifts for. We will place the gifts under our tree where on Christmas Day we are going to have a family celebration at church where we provide the homeless a Merry Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Savior. My wife and I have already adopted a couple of individuals, won’t you do the same?

In the meantime, thanks for reading, and God bless you this Christmas season.

Praying for you and appreciating your prayers for us.


Pastor Mike

Lastly, we now have a way folks can contribute to Mosaic online. If interested in sharing with Mosaic online you can visit the following link and do so. Just designate what your gift is for when you donate, you can designate gifts for ‘general funds,’ ‘capitol campaign,’ or ‘homeless program.’

If the button doesn’t appear, you can give at the following link -

All contributions to Mosaic are tax-deductible. If mailing contributions to Mosaic, you can send them to the following address:

Mosaic Wichita
216 S. Market St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Blessings to you and have a great week.


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