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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Need You, Urgent!

There is a lot happening at Mosaic and while there are a lot of good, even great things, there are also concerns. As many know we have a property that we can purchase, on our block, that is valued at approximately $400,000. We can purchase this property, move in ready from $45,000 - $65,000 total. It would allow us as a mission oriented church to raise some money to keep us going, but it would also allow us to move forward to offer more needed ministries, including possibly a year round shelter for women and families with children. Not hardly a day goes by that I have to turn down shelter to families with children as there are currently very little available without a long waiting list. Please, we need the help. I have come to the conclusion that I am not the best person at raising funds, I wish I were, but I am a pastor, not a business person.

Mosaic also has a Christmas Angel Tree on site with names and gift ideas for homeless individuals. Would you consider adopting a homeless person or persons? The gift ideas are unique and requested by the homeless persons themselves. There is everything from bus tickets to towels, many would be greatly surprised at the simplicity of the requests.

Now can you help in one of these ways? I have in the past resorted to begging. As I hear that today there are rumblings of another group purchasing the building we are interested in, which I believe was a God send, I know there are those who could help us either raise the money for this property, or could contribute significant funds to help purchase it, and/or help us in raising the funds.

Mosaic also has its ongoing needs. We need a few families, preferably with youth and children to commit to our church to help us grow. We also need month to month finances as there are literally times that we don't know how we are going to make it. I challenge to come on virtually any Sunday, see the work, and see those who make up the church, most of which are homeless. I haven't received pay from the church in pastor salary in some months, and a total of $3,300 since January of last year. I don't say that so you can give, but to tell you, I believe in the ministry of Mosaic and will gladly take nothing as I know God provides if others are being blessed like they have been. There are hundreds we touch each week, but the reality is this, there is a possibility that in the future we can't make it and won't be able to continue on with the ministry we do. I know people often say these types of things, but that is the truth for this ministry. While some ministries may have their leaders living in big homes, driving nice cars and so forth, that simply isn't the case, we really do depend on the love and generosity of others. Please, consider helping this little church making such a big difference for The Kingdom of God.

If you haven't please visit our web site where you can also contribute to the ministry at you can also email me at

Pastor Mike

Lastly, we now have a way folks can contribute to Mosaic online. If interested in sharing with Mosaic online you can visit the following link and do so. Just designate what your gift is for when you donate, you can designate gifts for ‘general funds,’ ‘capitol campaign,’ or ‘homeless program.’

If the button doesn’t appear, you can give at the following link -

All contributions to Mosaic are tax-deductible. If mailing contributions to Mosaic, you can send them to the following address:

Mosaic Wichita
216 S. Market St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Blessings to you and have a great week.


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