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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mosaic Update, Friendship, Hosea, Bible Study

Weekly greetings to all of those who are either a part of or supportive of Mosaic, 

So far this has been an interesting, albeit, not always fun week. I have been reminded of this thing we call ‘friendship’ and what that concept of being a friend means. If anything I am convinced of this, we as humans don’t do a very good job at either being a friend, or having friends. That isn’t to say we can’t do it, or shouldn’t try, but it isn’t easy. I am grateful though for one true friend I have who will never leave me, forsake me, or as the old song reminds me: “I’ve got a friend in Jesus.” 

Now a few reminders for the week: First on Saturday we are having a Vision Team Meeting from 11 AM – 12:30. We are not feeding this week so will be able to spend time in discussions on various issues, from a building fund and committee (we have a property we can look at as early as next week), as well as committees for Fundraising, Public Awareness, Communion and so forth. Those on the committee should have received notice about this earlier in the week.

On Sunday we are completing our Study of Hosea. Let me say this, I was talking to Mary Jane about this yesterday, there are events that happen in the lives of people that I have no control over, there are at least 4 families I have dealt with in one way or another this week, that said, neither do I have control as to the relevance of the message in regards to events in ones life.  I have said it before, it is amazing how God has certain messages in place that coincide with the events going on in the lives of those in the Body of Christ. I am certain, there are components of this weeks message that we all, (including me) need to head to, apply and understand for our lives in regards to our walk with God.

I also want to give fair warning and advance, on Sunday, June 24, we will be having our service at Hope Community Church, a sister church as they celebrate Biker Sunday. They are graciously providing a van to help transport folks from and back to Mosaic. Again, this is not this week, but next week. 

I also want to say; while the bulletins are attached for those getting this via email, there is an announcement I want folks to take into consideration and start making plans for. For some time we have wanted to do more in the area of teaching in regards to our relationship with Jesus. Jenni Buckmaster has for some time been participating in a women’s bible study at Hope Community Church on Wednesday nights, we have some that have also participated in a Bible study with Ruth and Gunther on Thursday nights. We are now advocating that the women of Mosaic consider participation in the Bible Study at Hope on Wednesday nights from 6 – 8 PM. If interested in more details see Jenni about this. I know Mary Jane is looking forward to this, but we want to encourage more. We will also be starting a Bible Study and Growth Group for Men on Wednesday Nights at Mosaic from 6 – 8 PM. This will allow the women to participate together, as well as the men to meet at the church. Let me challenge, the growth of the body is critical, and while outside groups are supported, the growth of the body is something we should work on together. We would even welcome other study groups to use our facility to invite others to; of course all of this including anyone who may want to participate, including our homeless friends. I am looking forward to this. One note regarding the men’s group is as follows:  Mary Jane and I are on vacation the first 2 weeks of July as we visit Tennessee. I am recommending that this next Wednesday, we, the men, get together for a social time, maybe even a cook out at the church. We will officially start our meeting times on July 18. We will discuss the up coming weeks and times together this Wednesday, June 20. The Men’s Study will be on Being a Godly Man. Again, everyone is welcome to these groups, whether one of those who have been coming to Mosaic, thinking about it, or even if at another church who would like to plug into the Mosaic Family, even though you may be a part of another body.

This week, prepare for church; invite family, friends, and others you have been thinking about. Be in prayer for the body and the upcoming event Bikers for the Homeless to Benefit Mosaic Tougher than Hell Rally. In regards to prayer, I want to also let folks know that former church plant pastor, and Pastor Matt Lowe has accepted a position in Shreveport Louisiana as a youth pastor. Pray that God will bless Matt, Rebecca and family and especially that God sends a buyer for Matt’s house here in Wichita. 

Now in closing, understand if you want to be on the churches email list, simply email us at and I will place you on the Mosaic mailing list. 

Appreciate your prayers and hope to see you soon. 



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