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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mosaic Pastor on Vacation, The Body Stepping Up

Greetings to all of those on the Mosaic mailing list,

This will likely be the last email from me for the next couple of weeks as I am getting ready to leave on vacation with my family tomorrow morning bright and early. I am looking forward to, and in need of time away to relax and recoup. I am not so positive it is a great thing in some regards as the area I am going to has in the past presented problems for me as it rekindles much of my past. I am also in the position of dealing with some family issue that has been really difficult as of late. I may share more about this later, but it has all happened so fast and so recent we are really trying to do all we can to hold it together at the moment, while at the same time, seeking wisdom and direction.

Now the purpose of this letter is more of a housekeeping thing as we need each of you, that are a part of Mosaic to come through, for those not a part of Mosaic but pray for us, keep reading, there is likely some things you can still help out with, and Lord knows, I need it right now.

As I have stated in the past, currently I am overwhelmed and need a break. I am not sure the trip to Tennessee is the best, but out of the love and respect for my wife who wants to visit her family, some of which are quite old now, I am making it out of respect and love for her. That said, there are some things you need to be aware of, some things that need to be done in my absence, and some things you can likely do to lighten the load.

First is some housekeeping things and I mean literally housekeeping things. As of recent with the low numbers in the day program we need people to get in early to help pick up, take out the trash, vacuum, and those types of things. This can also be done by each group in their respective space during those times after church service or use of the facility.

Next help with promotions and help for the Bikers For The Homeless Rally. We need several things here.

1) As of yet while some have expressed an interest in vending, non one has officially filled out the paperwork for vending. That must be done within 14 days of the event, or the group simply won’t be allowed to vend either their items, food etc… I am also requesting help here to try and identify vendors for the event. I have spent a great deal of time here, but so far, with limited results, I have also contacted two individuals to help with this, but so far, no results or really any reply.

2) We still need help passing out flyers and information to local locations promoting the event. I am leaving forms here, but am also attaching forms to this email. Please, pass out, distribute, more as you can.

3) We still need donations of items, coupons, whatever for door prizes. We want to encourage people to come.

4) There is a bikers rally in Cassoday the 1st Sunday of the Month, another in Potwin the 2nd Sunday of the month. We need someone to help distribute flyers to these events.

Another area that I need is coverage for the pulpit on July 8. I have spoken to several individuals, one of which gave a maybe and hasn’t confirmed as of yet, and two others that are out of town and have other obligations. I am pretty particular as to who fills the pulpit in my absence, but that said, I know others outside of Mosaic may either know someone, or, be able to help out themselves. Please contact me. Now I had someone the other day say that they wouldn’t be able to reach me during my vacation time, a reminder here of a couple of nifty gadgets in today’s world, cell phones, and the internet. While I may be difficult to reach at times, such as when I am rafting down a class 4 white water river, there is also this thing called answering machines or call notes. Leave a message, and I will be able to call you back or get you in the limited times I may be online.

I also want to remind folks, we try to feed on the first and last Saturday of each month as well as try to have things available for the homeless that come to church on Sunday. It may be something as simple as a sandwich, water, and/or chips, but it is something that folks will appreciate. We need folks to help carry this out though, by bringing, getting donated or preparing food, and of course, serving it.

The only other thing to mention is the need for someone to coordinate, and follow through with Final Friday for the church. I am in a bind as these events have been scheduled, but I really need follow through with this in the promotion of the events, and the coverage of the events. I do have artists now contacting me about coming to display their work. It would be a shame to not offer these folks the benefit of displaying their art work, which in essence also brings in potentially new people to Mosaic.

That’s about it other than I really appreciate your prayers over the next couple of weeks. I imagine there will be some tough time, but I also know there will be some good times. I appreciate how our body has come together and will continue to do so, Mosaic is made up of good folk. Appreciate your prayers and hope to see you soon.



Please pray for our future, our needs, and those we are called to serve

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