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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mosaic Update, Approaching Easter

As I write this, this morning, I can’t help but wonder, are there those who are really so spiritual that they don’t need to observe certain holidays? What I mean is in reference to those who say things like ‘we should celebrate Christmas, or Easter’ every day!’ While there is a measure of truth in those statements, I can’t help but know my own life, I need at times those reminders and as we approach Easter this year, there are reminders all around me as to the concepts of death, and rebirth, reminders as to the continuing and working power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those he loves and cares for. For me, I need the reminders and find them worthwhile. To spend time focusing this year on the sacrifice but ultimately the rebirth and newness of life exemplified in the resurrection of Jesus is a reminder that those things can be, and are, available for not just me, but those who follow after the Son of God.

There are presently two events in my life that remind me of this which I can look at as examples of how God continues to resurrect the dead. One is a personal family issue our family has been dealing with for some time. I am reluctant to say that resurrection has occurred but I continue to have hope it is occurring in the life of a loved one. I continue to pray, this Sunday as I teach on Luke 15, including the story of the Prodigal Son, that hope is exemplified even more than usual.

Another situation is the closing of our women’s shelter. This Sunday morning will be the last morning of operation for our shelter. I am concerned for the women who will no longer have any place to go. I am concerned over a many people who say they follow Jesus yet, either seem to not care, or don’t take into consideration these types of things. The ladies at Mosaic (as I call them) are handling the situation better than I, but they still have skepticism and many have come out and told me how much they appreciated what we have done. For them, it is a new start, one that includes the death of a program and the hope of a better tomorrow.

This Sunday in recognition of the little church that could (Mosaic) and those who have been a part of the program we are going to be cooking out for the ladies, a guest of their discretion, or their families, and those attending church on Sunday. This is a way I believe I can give a little back to those who have participated in the shelter. The cook-out will be for those attending church, and the ladies of the shelter plus one guest or their families.

As the shelter starts to end, I will take some time to take off, only to recoup and move to starting up our day program again on April 10. This program will operate 3 days a week, plus we will move to having meals again on the 1st and last Saturday of each month starting after April 10. We will have a small group from Eastside Church of God here this Saturday at 11:30 to assist with feeding the homeless. We will start the regular rotation after April 10. In this new venture we need volunteers to assist through the week and on weekends. We have already heard this is something many homeless are looking forward to.

I am also excited about the redirection of my own efforts in the next weeks, including instituting some programs to help with the Spiritual Growth of those committed to Mosaic, and ministry to those in the community including the institution of a Celebrate Recovery Group to meet during the day in the downtown area.

A lot is happening, a lot that symbolizes death and rebirth, all of this as we move closer to Easter Week. Remember, God is good All The Time, and All The Time, God is good.

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Thanks for reading, and God Bless

Blessings to you and may God bless you in your faithfulness to His Call.

Pastor Mike

Please pray for our future, our needs, and those we are called to serve.

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Blessings to you and have a great week.


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