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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas in February

While ministry is more often than not a challenge, let me assure you, it is never boring. At Mosaic our church seeks to build up and prepare those seeking to follow Jesus for ministry, in that we also perform ministry.

In the last weeks church has been an adventure, along with the ministry work we do such as the Wichita Women’s Overflow Shelter. In the last weeks, at church we have had the following happen, a drunk homeless man pass out and fall out of his chair, a schizophrenic woman speaking on numerous occasions out loud and speaking to the voices during church, and recently a homeless man threaten me and cuss me out because he wanted something to eat, during church. I have to wonder, how would other churches respond? What would they do?

The shelter also has its challenges. Tonight I had a short notice that we were going to have to start picking up the meals for the ladies. I will have to reschedule staffing, pay extra time for those who maybe can do this, or suddenly recruit volunteers. We have very few non homeless persons who attend Mosaic, not only does the church at large not understand this, but the general populace and service providers don’t either.

There is little understanding in today’s world as to what a missional church looks like. While that may not be the case for all, the reality is, very few, real mission minded churches exist. We send our money, or on occasion volunteer at the local soup kitchen and assume we are doing ministry. Let me ask, when people we are reaching out to choose to follow Jesus, what happens to them? Do we really understand the incarnation of Jesus Christ and all it implies to reach our world?

This Sunday at Mosaic we continue going through the book of Luke. Last week we spoke some about how it was that Zaharias had been praying for a son, yet in his prayers, he didn’t believe God would give him a son. It was one of the reasons he was stricken mute when the angel announced to him that he was going to be given what he had been praying for. Do we pray, yet don’t believe God will give us the things we pray for? This message to our congregation is an important one, but it is important for all of God’s people. Do we believe God will deliver what we pray for? The Gospel of Luke makes it clear, Mosiac, while far from perfect, is doing the things God calls the church to do. It isn’t just about us, it is about us growing closer to each other, and in our relationship with God so we can reach those he has called us to reach, especially the poor. I can’t change what the Bible says, and Luke makes it clear, it isn’t just the ‘poor in spirit’ it is ‘the poor.’

I don’t know what the future has for Mosaic; the building we were looking at was sold recently. I believe God provided a $400,000 property at a price of $42,500 but a church of primarily homeless people needs those who are a part of the larger church to come through and help. At some point, the church, and God’s people will come together to recognize the ministry God has called ‘the Church’ to. Many will experience the adventure, the excitement, and yes, at times, the heartbreak. We must realize that God is bigger than our desires, and our situation. We also have to understand the complexity of free-will. We as humans have the full capacity to do things outside of the will of God that impacts others. Many will have issues with this point of theology, but I challenge, there are things that happen every day outside of the will of God. The bible is clear about Gods ability to take that which was meant for evil and turn it around for good. Does that mean that we all experience good? I don’t think so, but for those seeking God, God knows, God cares and He ultimately gives peace and joy. On that note, seek and follow God and experience the peace and joy he has for you, no matter the situation or surroundings.

If receiving this via email the bulletin for this week is attached. Also note, this Sunday we will be hosting a Super Bowl Party starting at 3 PM until the completion of the Super Bowl, Bring snacks, drinks and refreshments to share with our friends who have nothing to bring. We also want to remind you that we will be looking at the Birth of Jesus this Sunday in our message, it will have a Christmas theme so come prepared and our discussion on Sunday starting at 9:30 will be on: ‘What was Jesus’ relationship with kids? What did He expect from youth? How did He choose friends as a kid?’ Church/teaching and worship starts at 10:30 shortly following the discussion time.

Please pray for our future, our needs, and those we are called to serve.

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Pastor Mike

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Blessings to you and have a great week.


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