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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mosaic Weekly Update, 10/19

Greetings, this weeks Mosaic update is coming a little early due to a number of events that are happening this week, one of them, my commitment to the Tallgrass Film Festival which I cover for Hollywood Jesus and the showing of my own film at that festival. It is a busy few days for me as I cover Tallgrass through Sunday evening, then I leave for Tulsa Sunday Evening and return Tuesday night to cover the making of the feature film Home Run starring Vivica A. Fox and Scott Elrod and has as a point of focus, Celebrate Recovery a substance abuse recovery program like Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous except with a strong Christian Focus. I am excited about these things but we are also getting ready to launch the Overflow Women’s Shelter for homeless women.

In the process, I know, as I have heard through the grapevine, there are those critical of providing a service like this, despite the reality that it will provide needed income for 4 families including mine, and beyond that, at no cost to the church, we will provide services that no one else was willing to provide that will help keep women alive through the Winter. The reality is, very little of Mosaic’s money, and time from its members have been impacted by this ministry or our regular homeless outreaches which occur 5 days a week. I challenge for those who think it has, to show me where and how. The bottom line, God calls us to serve the poor. Many churches make excuses as to why they can’t do it, not Mosaic. We will follow Christ’s directives and we certainly cherish those who have come along with us to support this ministry. It is far from all we are, but it is a part of what we do in regards to fulfilling the call of Christ. We have 3 staff that starts training on Thursday and Friday, and we open up our doors from 6 PM – 7 AM starting November 1 and concluding on April 1. Please be in prayer that as this program starts that God would be glorified and Mosaic will be blessed for its efforts.

In regards to the above, we could use the following.

For overflow staff and volunteers:
2 twin beds and bedding
A dresser
A good working dryer to help treat clothing and bedding for potential bed bugs
And food donations such as coffee, breakfast items, (note on breakfast items we want presweetened cereals, preferably, in the self serve containers where the cereal is prepackaged in a bowl), creamer, sugar, sugar substitute, coffee cups, bottled water, etc. Any other food item or snacks would also be appreciated. So far Mosaic has spent very little money of its own on items for the homeless program, (estimated $200 or less). We are so grateful to those who have donated in the past. Your support has provided ample opportunities of ministry. We could use more volunteers, especially through the winter, through the day and evening hours. We hope to have the property open as much as possible through the day to provide a place to get out of the weather. Currently myself, and Kim who have been here through the day for the day program, will be working in the evening program which will limit to some extent our day to day operations.

Our staff for the program consists of the following: Myself who will be directing the program and providing coverage, Virginia Aurora who will provide part-time emergency coverage , Kim Pargas ongoing staff coverage, and Lisa Dimmitt, ongoing staff coverage. We also are looking for additional volunteers who can help out and make a difference in the life of a homeless lady.

I also want to remind everyone of the showing of my short film, The Long Walk, Sunday at the Murdock Theater here in Wichita, located at 536 N Broadway St., the High School portion of the program starts at 1 PM and the showing of Kansas Filmmakers, which my film is a part of, start at 3 PM. Students get in free with an id, otherwise admission is $8. I would love to see as many people as possible at the showing of The Long Walk on the Big Screen. Also be in prayer as there is a question and answer session after the showing of the film. I and other film makers are available for this but my prayer is that there are opportunities to share how my faith and specifically Jesus provided the healing I needed.

Then on Halloween Night, October 31, The Fox, 104.5 will be hosting a Classic Rock, Classic Horror movie night in College Hill at The Forum Theater, located on Hillside and Douglas in the Old Baptist Church. There is a suggestion donation of $10.45 of which all proceeds go to benefit Mosaic. The films are Halloween, The Shining, and The Exorcist. We are grateful for this benefit and especially the attention it will bring to Mosaic. Check out the attached bulletin for the remainder of announcements.

Remember, our teaching and discussion time starts at 9:30 on Sunday. We have had good attendance as we discuss questions individuals asked regarding getting to know Jesus. This week we explore the question of did Jesus have siblings? We start a new teaching series for church at 10:30. The series is Discovering Jesus in Contemporary Culture. This week the focus is on Why We Look at The Culture. I look forward to this series and the upcoming events during the Holiday period. I am also looking forward to the first of the year where we will start a new series by going through a book in the Bible.

I hope all of you have a great week, keep us in prayer and if there are things you would like us to pray for let us know. If you are getting this email via another source than email, and would like to get it via email where we can send you the attachments, send us an email at and let us know you would like to subscribe to the newsletter.

Blessings to you, and hope to see you this weekend,

Pastor Mike

Some have asked for the Panel Discussion video of Why They Like Jesus But Not The Church. That video is attached here, if it doesn’t show up or doesn’t show up in its entirety, just click the following link.

Lastly, we now have a way folks can contribute to Mosaic online. If interested in sharing with Mosaic online you can visit the following link and do so. Just designate what your gift is for when you donate, you can designate gifts for ‘general funds,’ ‘capitol campaign,’ or ‘homeless program.’

If the button doesn’t appear, you can give at the following link -

All contributions to Mosaic are tax-deductible. If mailing contributions to Mosaic, you can send them to the following address:

Mosaic Wichita
216 S. Market St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Blessings to you and have a great week.


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