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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At Mosaic We Need You To Make A Difference

During the holiday season there are many ways you can help Mosaic. We are a church of primarily homeless individuals and a few others. Mosaic is unique, different, and effective. One of the things we do and have received international recognition for is our work for Wichita’s homeless. A few churches have helped us financially and/or with food contributions, we are grateful for those. Contributions of food and finance are always appreciated. Starting last Christmas we started doing a Christmas Angel Tree. Mosaics needy take a card and place up to 3 items on it.  The card is then placed on our Christmas tree. People can then adopt someone from the cards to provide Christmas gifts for. Last year we had 47 names on our Angel Tree and provided gifts to over 50 more. Without the help of others, like you, this wouldn’t be possible. 

We try to provide at least one item for each person for each wish list. It is also appreciated when possible to give more than one item from the list. Your generosity gives many of those on the streets something to look forward to. We ask each person what they want, not what they need. Many are surprised at the simplicity of the requests. 

It is great if you are able to adopt specific individuals. We also appreciate those who make financial contributions to purchase gifts. 100% of what is donated for gifts is used to purchase gifts. We ask that presents be wrapped with the person’s name on the gift. We will give the presents out at our Celebration Saturday Christmas Service on December 29. If purchasing a gift and you would like to be present to give the gift, you are more than welcome to do so.

We appreciate your kindness and willingness to bless others who do without. We also appreciate your willingness to share our needs with others, whether one of our special projects or ongoing financial needs that allow us to continue this ministry.  We receive no financial help from Federal, State, or City sources; neither do we receive Food Bank assistance. We have no paid staff and contributions allow us to operate our day program which provides meals to the homeless a minimum of 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day plus extended hours for our day program and some shelter services. Our current operational costs run approximately $1,750 per month. We provide services to upwards of 500 homeless units a week (some persons come each day and we have upwards of 200 on certain days. All contributions are greatly appreciated and needed. Understand, we currently have no salaried staff. Your contributions make a drastic difference. We will state, it is our hope to someday have paid staff and programs where we can hire the homeless and provide long term shelter to those active at Mosaic. That day just hasn’t come yet. Our experience and example clearly show our first obligation is to provide the ministry we do.

The following represents some of the cards for our Angel Tree. We will likely have 50 or more cards and a total attendance for our Christmas Celebration Service of 125 or more. We try to provide a gift to everyone that attends which includes some children. If willing to adopt someone, please contact us so we don’t duplicate gifts. For further information please contact us at 316-807-8034 and leave a message if necessary. Also financial contributions made out to Mosaic Church can be sent to 6441 N. Hydraulic, Park City KS, 67219. I use my address to make it more efficient to get gifts as soon as possible. All contributions to Mosaic are tax-deductible as we are a 501 C3 nonprofit organization. Individuals can also give online to Mosaic by visiting and visiting the donations page.

Our goal this year for our year end solicitation is to generate, 150 Gifts for Christmas. $21,000 Operational Funds (provides the costs of operation, includes $0 for salaries, any staffing costs will come from contributions of those attending Mosaic.)  While this seems like a lot of money, compared to other agencies receiving outside contributions, or via Federal, State, or City Contracts, Insurance dollars and so forth, this is minimal. There are many directors and/or pastors of nonprofit organizations which bring in salaries up to 5 times or more of this amount. While an ambitious goal, every person or organization supporting us as they can, can make a significant difference. You can give your contribution all at once or on a weekly or monthly basis.  We are grateful and if you want you want to see the difference we are making for yourself, we encourage you to give us a call, set up a visit and a face to face meeting.

Jesus said that what we have done for the least of these, we have done unto him. Will you bless and help those God has called us all to minister to, ‘The Least of These?’

Christmas Angel Tree

Cedric Houston
Boots 13 E
Coat 2XL
Jeans 42/30

P. Wats
For everyone’s health
For others to be around good, kind, family & friends

Bryson Belew
IPod Charger

4X Coat
Jeans, 50"X34"
Shoes, size 14

Mp3 Player
Anything of Spongebob

Size 4X Winter Coat
Size 14 Shoes
Transistor Radio

Someone to teach her to play the drums
A CD Player, possible some CD’s
Some counseling to help her learn to forgive the person who murdered her son

Pocket Radio AM/FM Stereo sound
New pair of shoes size 7 (tennis shoes)
A new coat

Her family
A Camera
Tennis Shoes

Eye Exam/Glasses
Cigarettes of any kind, especially menthol 100’s
Cowboy boots size 8 ½ men’s

Radio/Headset/CD player
Size 10 shoes

Bus passes
Jeans 36-31
Tennis Shoes

Pair of Boots size 12
Bus passes
Gift Card to any fast food place

Walmart Gift Card
Mcdonalds Gift Card
Home Depot Gift Card

Vet Visit for pet
New back pack

1 night in a cheap hotel to have some peaceful sleep
A package of thermo underwear, top and bottoms
$10 phone card for Uratell to add airtime

$10 refill for hypertension meds
$4 allipunol for gout

A motel room for wife and he for 1 night
Sub Zero Sleeping Bag

To be above ground and experience joy for the holidays
Any money would be of help

Insulated coveralls Size 3XXX

Rain Pancho

Vet visit for Tasha
Cigs, full flavor
A Backpack
Night in a motel

Shoes Size 11
Jacket 5X
Jeans 50/32

Boxers 36/38
Winter Parka Coat


Gift Cards
Cell phone with net for daughter
To see his child more often

Mothers day ring, size 9 with March, July, September, June
Black/White Nikes tennis shoes size 11
Menthol 100 Cigarettes

10 ½ tennis shoes
2 pair of wind pants


Black cowboy boots 10D
Copenhagen Straight long cut chew or dip
Wrangler Jeans 32/34 cut, boot cut


MP3 player
Portable DVD Player
Anything related to Dallas Cowboys


Winter Coat 2X – 3X with hood
Cologne for hygene
Batteries AA’s and AAA’s


Menthol Cigarettes
Gas for Truck
Motor oil 5W 30


Camel Cigarettes
Vet Visit for pet
Motel room for 1 night


CD Player & Batteries
Music - Country


Gift Certificate from QT
Gift Certificate @ Walgreens
Book Reading Light

Mike Stefanuck

Pocket Radio (prefer sentry brand w/ear buds)


Green Card
US Identification


Camel Cigarettes
Sneakers size 11 ½


Real estate job


Book or anything related to making movies


General gifts can include, bus passes, gift cards to Spangles, Subway, McDonalds, Quick Trip, Wendy’s, Quiznos, Papa John’s, cigarettes, socks, gloves, toiletries.  The above restaurants have been chosen as they are national chains and are also convenient to the downtown Wichita locations.

Thanks and again, God’s blessings,


If you haven't please visit our web site where you can also contribute to the ministry at; you can also email me at

Lastly, we now have a way folks can contribute to Mosaic online.  If interested in sharing with Mosaic online you can visit the following link and do so.  Just designate what your gift is for when you donate, you can designate gifts for ‘general funds,’ ‘capitol campaign,’ or ‘homeless program.

If the button doesn’t appear, you can give at the following link -

All contributions to Mosaic are tax-deductible. If mailing contributions to Mosaic, you can send them to the following address:

Mosaic Wichita
216 S. Market St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Blessings to you and have a great week.


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